3 Alternative sights to see in London

Ah, London! The bright lights of Piccadilly Circus, the neon taste of Soho, the mouth-watering street food of Brixton Market. When you cast your mind to our beautiful capital, what is it you see? The Shard and the Eye? Or the Thames and London Bridge? It’s true, our Lionheart is a devilishly diverse place. Turn the right (or wrong?) corner, stumble down the right (or wrong?) alleyway; and you’ll end up in a completely different environment from the one you started out in. So, when we take a trip to the sights of the city; with a visitor or just for a staycation, why do we always end up in the same places? Sure, the London Dungeons, the Crown Jewels and the Tate Modern are fun, but don’t you wish you could do something new? At Kojji, we like to take a walk on the wild-side of our city, so we’ve run down our top alternative sights to see in London.

Alternative sights to see in London #1: Fontaines

It’s no shock that less and less of us are spending time in clubs. Sky-high rents, costs to live, and commute prices have us holding on to what little bucks we can bag. Nights out have moved from the dance floor, with its overpriced drinks and unsociable environment – to the bar. Thus, the first on our list of alternative sights to see in London is Fontaines.

Nestled carefully in the heart of east London, this retro spot combines elegance with a vintage feel to really get your engine going “vroom…”. It’s an over 21’s bar; and due to this, you won’t get any sozzled students who shatter your special night. You can visit for afternoon tea, including vegan and GF options, and the bar has a function room downstairs where they often show movies, hold cabaret and club nights. The cocktails are an art-deco adventure, with cosy classics and drinks with a more modern twist. Best thing is, the bar-staff look the part, dressed to the decor, and keep you cared for in classic style.

Alternative sights to see in London #2: Eel Pie Island Museum

Eel Pie Island is a private island on the Thames at Twickenham. It has quite the multicolour history in terms of music! Many famous jazz and blues musicians performed there in the 20’s. The 60’s followed suit, and rock musicians such as The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and David Bowie all performed at the hotel. It currently holds host to some of London’s wealthier elderly bohemians, which include a rag-tag bag of painters, artists, sculptors and music producers.

The Museum then, was set up by one of the residents (and writer) Michelle to celebrate the unique and diverse history of the island. Michelle started the memorial museum after her two pop-up exhibitions about the island lead to public outcry for a permanent place to call home. The Island itself is closed to the public, but if you want an intimate look at old-island life; this is surely the place to be.

For fans of dusty New Orleans jazz, rock and roll music, and the spirit of a unique slice of culture with its own eccentric celebs and sights, then this weird and wonderful of the alternative sights to see in London is almost certainly for you.

Alternative sights to see in London #3: The Sky Garden

Ever wanted to drink expensive drinks surrounded by the lush, chartreuse colour of nature? Sure, you have. So, what if we told you, you could do this; but in the sky? No, we’re not talking hoverboards (although if we were, we’d be the first to offer deals for them on our website). We’re talking about the worst kept secret of London, which sits at the top of the walkie-talkie – The Sky Garden. 

The Sky Garden was a key point in the developer’s acquisition of permission to build the infamous Walkie-Talkie, officially called 20 Fenchurch St. It’s technically a public park, but don’t expect climbing frames, or a slide. Instead the place oozes with a central London, cityscape charm that brings a high-end finish to your day. Eat snacks while the sun sets, or chug back on a cocktail. The best part of this is that it’s FREE, though tickets are only released every Monday up to one week in advance, so you have to be quick. A great place to get perspective on the city of twinkling lights, and a favourite among alternative sights to see in London. It’ll help you breathe deep, and definitely take your breath away.

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