3 Of the best London Farmers’ Markets

London Farmers’ Markets are synonymous with living in the capital. Nowadays there is simply no evading them on a weekend – even on an occasional weekday. Is there, we ask, simply anything better than casually ambling in between stalls? Soaking up the views, the smells of varying appetising delights wafting in the air and occasionally sampling some intriguing yet delicious taster? And all the while safe in the knowledge that everything is grown and sold by local farmers’?

No there isn’t, and you’d be quite right.

Even better, there are lots of these markets scattered (and pocketed) here, there and everywhere in London. Each market offers a completely different atmosphere, and while some are more well-known than others – each should be explored with intrepid curiosity, and on an empty stomach.

Without further ado, we’re going to slice and offer up a taster of our favourite London Farmers’ Markets at Kojji.


1. Borough

Yes, yes, we know. The most tourist-central Farmers’ Market arguably there is. It is also, however, one of the best. There is no denying it.

Located right next to London Bridge station, Borough market is the perfect starter to London Farmers’ Markets, it is also one of Britain’s most renowned. Its rich, and long, history (it’s London’s oldest food market did you know?) adds unmistakeable character to the network of passageways which connect the various marketplaces. Borough market is the ideal representation of London in its finest hour. Granted, it can get pretty busy, but this just attests to its position as one of the best.

What’s more, it’s ideally surrounded my equally quaint, popular and independent shops and restaurants; so, you can quite easily meander between the two and it will be a day well spent. For more information on Borough market, and days it is open, why not check out their website?

2. Marylebone

From London’s oldest food market to a relatively new one, introducing: Marylebone Farmers’ Market. Even though it’s only been running since 2003 in a car park, the sheer quantity of people which flock to it every Sunday morning is yet again proof of its popularity and necessity.

And we wholly agree with its regulars. There isn’t a more idyllic way to spend a Sunday morning than pursuing around with that much-needed coffee in tow to pick up your essentials. It’s not overt either, due to its location in a car park below pavement level; when you arrive you’re met with a sea of brightly coloured marquee tops. Once you head down though, you’re met with a vast selection of produce – it’s home to nearly 40 vendors, after all. While the choice then can be hard, what a great problem to have, eh?

Whether you actively seek out Marylebone Farmers’ Market or just stumble upon it, it’s a find you won’t forget. Due to its location, you may even happen across certain well-known (hint: famous) faces too. And, well, if it’s good enough for them… for more information on what stalls regularly sell at Marylebone, check out their site.

3. Wimbledon

The family-friendly, award-winning London Farmers’ Markets is the third one we’d recommend exploring, and again, on an empty stomach. Unlike Borough and Marylebone, the Wimbledon market has a country-esque ambience, rather than being smack-bang in the middle of the city.

The Wimbledon market instead offers a gentler atmosphere. Residing itself in a primary school playground. If you are looking for a farmers’ market which works to a slower, more peaceful pace then Wimbledon is the market for you.

A firm favourite with the locals, it can be a little off the beaten track to get to, but it’s home to anything you could possibly be in need of when it comes to the weekly grocery shop. If you want more information on this particular market or would like to know which particular stalls frequent the market every week, click here.

London Farmers' Market

Farmers’ Markets are great way to while away a weekend day; whether you have a long list of groceries for your weekly shop or are splurging out on some delightful delicacies for a weekend evening gathering. Or – perhaps – just heading there for breakfast or lunch (and the free samples, of course). Markets can far too easily become a weekly tradition for you and your family.

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