4 Amazing ways to detox your body for summer

Now that the days are getting lighter, warmer and distinctly more summer-like, we can reflect on the colder seasons that have been. Winter is well and truly behind us; we’ve fought through the Beast from the East and paid-off-without-thinking our huge gas bills, and now we’re ready to get down to the beach.

At Kojji we feel you if you feel like you’ve eaten way too much comfort food under a blanket this winter. After all, what else is there to do whilst you watch your latest series? So, if you’ve started to feel the summer, but your body still needs some T.L.C, we’ve got your back. So, here are 4 amazing ways to detox your body for summer, so you can shine from the inside out!

Detox your body for summer 1: Wake up with lemon and turmeric

The classic detox your body for summer, is a glass of hot water with lemon. Drinking this in the morning is good to get your digestive tract on the move; but did you know that you can combine this with turmeric to achieve a full-on a.m. cleanse cacophony? Jessi Lucatorto, an alternative medicine health coach recommends this combination for your morning win as the lemon will also stimulate your digestive enzymes; and combined with turmeric, an anti-inflammatory – will ease any internal swelling your mid-winter maladies might have inspired. Plus, it tastes great!

lemon and tumeric

Detox your body for summer 2: Take a bath

What better way to get some practice and detox your body for summer to achieve those mermaid beach vibes than to treat yourself to a nice hot bath? Throw in some Epsom salts when you do, and it’ll actually count as a detox. Baths are designed to make you sweat and sweat helps rid your body of toxins that have built up in your skin and muscles. If you want to up the ante and turn your bath into a detox-den, then this WikiHow runs down the easiest household items to use. This will help ease muscle pain, stimulate your lymphatic system, and rid your skin’s surface of any nasties that have the potential to develop into a fungal infection. Make sure you stay submerged for more than 30 minutes; which should give you just the right amount of time to plan your activities with your friends on WhatsApp. Try not to drop your phone in the water though. Unless it’s an iPhone 7 or above, it’s not waterproof.

Detox your body for summer 3: Smoothies

Like they say, sometimes the clichés are there for a reason. So, smoothies are our next tip to detox your body for summer. Those smoothie stands you see through your hangover at your favourite summer festival that promise revival speak the truth. If you’re on the hunt for a smoothie that’ll set you right for summer, there are a number of recipes you can try to give you glossy, glowing, dewy skin. Or why not make your own? Any combination of foods full of antioxidants will help get a glam-glow. So, heap in loads of apples, lettuce, blueberries and kale. Antioxidants will protect your skin from DNA damage; but make sure you pack the sun cream or load on a moisturiser with an SPF for full protection from the sun.

Detox your body for summer 4: You are what you eat

Last but not least, why not detox your body for summer with what you eat? The winter cold and damp can cause us to crave comfort food, like heavy carbs, thick soup, and piles and piles of pasta (although, who even are you if you don’t grate copious amounts of cheese onto pasta and call it your dinner?) Your food then, can be used to ready your body for fruit salad, Frappuccino’s, and picnic baskets. Millet is a smart carb, with a low GI which hydrates your colon and acts as its own probiotic (that means it feeds the healthy bacteria in your gut). Lentils are great for providing dietary fibre, and also insoluble, which mean they work on the surface of the digestive tract and help the gut move. Goji berries will give you a great burst of Vitamin C; which strengthens your immune system and helps you see in the dark! Buckwheat can be replaced in pancakes and baking for regular flour; and it contains B-Vitamins to help your stride in the sun, and magnesium to help your muscles repair and regulate themselves.

eating healthily

Convinced? Tell us how you plan to detox your body for summer. Then download the Kojji App – where you can find exclusive offers direct from Wimbledon businesses. At Kojji we connect the best offers in town to you; the consumer, saving you extra pennies for your next pretty pastime.

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