4 Of our favourite things about the last royal wedding

On May 19th 2018, Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle are to be wed. Yet it feels like only yesterday we were witnessing the nuptials of Harry’s older brother William and Kate Middleton. With another royal wedding year upon us, we think it’s high time we looked back upon our favourite moments of Will and Kate’s 2011 wedding day.

royal wedding

1. It was a bank holiday!

Perhaps the best thing about the last royal wedding was that pretty much everyone got to watch and enjoy it. The declaration of a national holiday meant people could make the trip to London should they wish, or at least indulge in a fabulously fun street party. It was a bank holiday of bunting, barbecues and celebrating British heritage.

The bank holiday, and the freedom to indulge in a tipple or two that it allowed, meant we could all throw ourselves into celebrating the special day. Sadly, though, Harry and Meghan’s big day won’t be marked by a public holiday.

2. It was an absolute extravaganza

The last royal wedding was a public event on a scale akin to the London 2012 Olympics. The nation got involved, had a party and showed off our country at its best. The entire day was a massive, spectacular affair in which all the perfect notes were hit and it was pulled off without a hitch.

Everything about the big day was exactly that – big. The official guest list ran to almost 2,000 invited individuals. One million revellers lined the streets between Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace to wish well the newlyweds on their way. Over 5,000 street parties were thrown up and down the country and tens of millions of people watched the royal wedding around the world.

royal wedding

3. The details were perfect

A giant occasion is the result of all the little components coming neatly together. In the case of the last royal wedding, there were countless little details that had to be perfect. They all were.

Kate’s dress was a magnificent achievement by designer Sarah Burton, of the Alexander McQueen luxury fashion house. This was the most analysed, speculated upon and talked about dress in recent memory. Everyone loved it.

William and Kate indulged in two wedding cakes (fair enough, there were a lot of hungry mouths to feed). Local baker, Fiona Cairns, produced the main wedding cake. This was a fruit cake, as is traditional for British royal weddings. In a departure from tradition though, a second, Groom’s Cake, was made. At William’s request, this one comprised of his childhood favourite, a frozen chocolate biscuit cake. So, one was a classic, the other was decidedly alternative. Both looked delicious though.

royal wedding

4. The photographs

Once the day was over we were delighted to trawl through the avalanche of snaps that allowed us to relive it all over again. Photographers, both professional and amateur, went to extraordinary lengths to snapshot every magic moment. The happiness of Will and Kate was evident for all to see and shared for all to feel.

Many of the photos taken on the day have since become iconic and stand as a testament to the fairy tale nature of the last royal wedding.

Now we are even more excited for the fast approaching festivities to begin. Unpack the bunting and unfurl the flags, it’s 2018 and we are having a royal wedding all over again.

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