4 Ways to celebrate the summer solstice

Blessed be, it’s almost solstice time. For those not au fait with the flow and flair of nature, that’s the day that the sun is the highest in the sky, that causes the longest day. You might also know this way to celebrate the summer solstice as it’s more common name of ‘midsummer’.

Back in ye olde days of times gone by, when ancient cultures walked our fair pastures, the solstice was celebrated by many farm-dwellers. That’s because before modern luxuries such as electricity and plumbing, our bodies worked on a strictly biological clock. The seasons were the crucial ingredients for excellent crops, and midsummer was heralded as the start of a period of light and abundance.

These days, Litha is beloved by those of us who seek to illuminate our lives with a more mindful path. It has become a cherished celebration that honours nature’s pure power and the struggle between light and dark. It’s a time to focus on your inner light and strength, to be thankful for the earth that’s supported you through winter, and welcome in your gods of fertility.

So, if this mindfulness mentality appeals to you, why not make this year’s solstice spectacular? At Kojji, we’ve run down our top 4 ways to celebrate the summer solstice and pull the light back into your chakras.

Channel ancient mysticism at Stonehenge Solstice Festival

Best place to celebrate the summer solstice? Stonehenge.

Stonehenge solstice festival celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. It’s an ancient sight of worship, and its routes date back to prehistoric times. No-one knows what the ancient people built it for; but most agree it’s a hotspot of mystical and natural power.

The festival runs from 18th – 21st June 2018 and offers camping and glamping options. You can bask in the magical vibe of the site, heal your energy with yoga, nourish your soul with wholesome vegan eats and allow the inspired atmosphere soak deep into your heart.

Bless your children with good health

The solstice is a great time to bless little feet with a perfect pitter-patter. As it signifies the change from the dark, oppressive force of winter to the triumph of pure light. What better time to bring that light into the lives of your new arrivals? Ensure that, energetically, their lives are full of fertility, nature, and abundance. Mythologically, in many ancient cultures, children of the gods, supernaturally conceived children and even the sun are born around these times.

Bless your child on the summer solstice; and you invite the power of these deities into their lives to help them succeed in all they do.

If you’re on the hunt for a full power Pagan ritual to celebrate the summer solstice; then this one from ThoughtCo is a good place to start. Don’t be afraid to modify the parts of the ritual if you feel you’d be able to make it more relevant to your personal situation; the power lies in the salutations, the respect for the elders and energy, and your concentrated intention. Always remember to signify the end of your ritual with the traditional “blessed be” or “this ritual is ended”, as you might not want the door you’ve unlocked to remain open.

Illuminate your lungs with a 4am walk up Parliament Hill

If you’re more into aerobic than energetic exercise, then why not welcome the dawn of the new light with a sunrise walk, which starts a 4am on Hampstead Health?

Join an avid bunch of incredible exercise aficionados and amble your way to the top of the world to welcome the new dawn. The gang ask for donations on the day, all of which go towards the London Air Ambulance! You’ll help others regain their fire whilst you fulfil your own sunrise. If that’s not good enough, there’s also a light breakfast post walk – because it takes a lot of energy to turn on your inner light bulb.

Perform your own solstice ritual

Finally, if you like your Paganism to be more personal, then why not hold your own private solstice celebration? Midsummer can be a sensational season to meditate on what you want to bring into your life. Again, if you’ve got the intention, it’s enough.

If you find this blog has made you mull over your more esoteric side, then you might need a lighthouse. Thankfully, we’re in the midst of mindfulness mindset revolution, so technology is here to help illuminate your psyche. We at Kojji love the apps Headspace and Calm, both of which will help you take your first gentle steps toward new-light nirvana.

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