How to make the most of Wimbledon (the tennis tournament)

Ah, summer, such a halcyon season! The birds sing high in the sky, the sun warms the earth with its calm rays, everyone drinks Pimm’s and picnics turn into the only acceptable form in which to socialise. If you’re the kind of creature that hopes summer never comes to an end, then we hear you. So of course, we don’t think we’d be unwise to say that if you’ve clicked on this blog – you’re a Wimbledon sort. 

How great was the moment you struck gold on the ballot? We even bet you got centre court, right? Well, congrats on your once-in-a-lifetime moment. We reckon you’ll want to make the most of Wimbledon, now you’re about to go.

Here at Kojji, we live and breathe to bring you best in Wimbledon wonders. So, we’ve brought together a suggested day to help you make the most of Wimbledon. These are your much-aspired to moments!

(Optional) Step one – Tickets

Wimbledon remains one of the only major sports events that offer piranha-sharp punters the prize of the potential to purchase tickets on the day. As you know, advance tickets are only allocated by ballot – but if you’re a tennis super-fan, it might follow that you didn’t quite get allocated tickets for the right match. The potential remedy to see your cherished celebs is to queue. Thing is, as Wimbledon is well-known for this characteristic; you’ll need to sleep overnight.

Good news is though, the day of the sale they’ll give you a ticket with your place in the queue. Then you can nip home, or to the pub – as long as you’re back before 10am sharp – which is when they open the box office.

Step two – Museum

Okay, so you’ve got your tickets. If you’ve queued through the night and it’s 10:05am, then we figure you’ve got a few hours to kill. Why not visit the tennis museum? During the tournament, it’s only open to ticket holders, at a minimal extra price.

It’s the largest tennis museum in the world, which means that it’s got everything you need to slip right into the mood of the tournament. Immerse yourself in giant cinema, view tennis fashions through the ages, view centre court or interact with the touch screens. We’ve also heard that through a combination of technologies and projections, John McEnroe‘s Ghost also appears to guide some visitors through previously uncharted parts of the museum. When he’s not all “VIVA VOLLEY”, of course.

Step three – Sport Screens

Must be about lunch-time now, right? Are you hungry? We don’t doubt the cavalry (be it your mates or your misses) has arrived, so why not kick-back relax, and make the most of Wimbledon’s beautiful greenery as you eat the summer-staple picnic. But, did you know, tickets aren’t the only way you can experience your tenacious tennis? Oh no! During the season, giant Sport Screens pop up all around London, and they’re perfect picnic spots. Ticket prices vary from £0-20, but it’s a perfect way to immerse you and the family in the attitude for a fraction of the price.

Step four – RUFUS

When you’ve had enough of sport-screen celeb spotting, there’s someone else you should be on the lookout for. Rufus the Hawk has boldly patrolled the skies above Wimbledon for years, and he has his fair share of devoted fans, who have ensured he’s been on television and in newspapers. He even has recorded his own podcast! If you catch up with him, then you can buy hawking experiences and snap an elusive selfie. After all, everybody’s heard about the bird.

Step five – the game!

Wait…hang on. We’ve forgotten one thing. To make the most of Wimbledon we must make it to the actual match! Don’t forget to give yourself time to do so! You can take drinks and snacks into the grounds, so bring some along with you. A few top-tips, turn your phone off. Don’t eat crisps during the match. Try not to talk to each other, as it can put the players off. Most importantly, have fun! Enjoy your experience, and don’t forget to Instagram it!

Step six – take a piece home with you

Wimbledon tennis balls are only used 9 times. So, what happens to them after, we hear you cry! Of course, if you’re on Kojji, we know you’ve got a nose for a good deal – and there is a special way you can remember Wimbledon forever. By your purchase of three of the 54,000+ tennis balls resold after the match! Play with them and hope some of that pro-mojo will rub off on you; or simply sit them on your mantelpiece to remind you of your best summer day. What a perfect memory! You’ve truly lived your best life.

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