How to throw the ultimate Wimbledon tennis party

The season is almost upon us! If 8mm length grass, strawberries and cream and Pimm’s push your brain buttons in the right direction, then you’ll already know what we’re going to say. Yes, that’s right, it’s Wimbledon season. If you haven’t yet managed to score tickets to centre court then don’t despair! We at Kojji know you’ll still want to channel the spirit of Wimbledon. So, we thought we’d bring you our top-tips on how to throw the ultimate Wimbledon tennis party, so you can capture the spirit of Wimbledon in class and comfort of your own home.

Table tennis Food

Summer spawns forth romantic, heady half-light, picnics in the sun and day drink-adventures. So why not capture this spirit in your own home? When you throw a grand slam of a tennis party, make your guests fall in love with the summer spirit when you serve the quintessential summer food: finger sandwiches. If you’re on the hunt for some that are a little more unique, then why not cut them into tennis ball, or racket shapes and decorate according to preference?

Another great idea would be to serve the classic scones and jam, or strawberries and cream. Macaroons that use green food colouring can be decorated with a white icing pen to take on the appearance of tennis balls, and cupcakes can be dipped in yellow hundreds and thousands to look like the furry surface of a tennis ball.


Pimm’s is a must for any summer party, but it’s pretty much a Wimbledon necessity; so, no party will be complete without it! The perfect Pimm’s recipe is one-part Pimm’s to two parts lemonade, but if you just want to get the squad drunk, why not switch the lemonade to prosecco or champagne. It’s best, of course, to serve smaller glasses of these, but at Kojji, we say live your best life! Thing is, you’ve got to have the upper hand when you challenge them to table-tennis later, haven’t you?

Wimbledon tennis


Now that you’ve found your fantastic food and ordered in more Pimm’s than you can shake a stick at, it’s time to decorate for your Wimbledon tennis party. What better way to get your mates in the mood than by turning your chill space into centre court? If you’ve got one, a table tennis table covered with astroturf makes an ideal space to serve food on. You can even hang the net down the middle of the table to get the ultimate tennis feel. This is a good way to ensure your guests eat all the food and clear the decks for a potential tennis match later in the game.

If you’re on the hunt for a cute twist then why not fill vases with tennis balls in between flowers, hang vintage tennis rackets on the walls. Don’t forget that Wimbledon is quintessentially English, so make sure there’s union jack flags in abundance. Good news is, the retro revival is in full-force, so union jacks aren’t hard to locate. You can even get bunting!

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