Top 5 Father’s Day ideas in London to treat your dad

Dads everywhere rejoice! Your special day is coming. Sons and daughters throughout the land make sure that you are ready to serve up the perfect Father’s Day treat this year. If, though, you’re struggling for Father’s Day ideas, you’ve come to the right place. We believe that dads deserve to be spoilt on this day of days. Luckily, London is here to provide. So, get inspired this Father’s Day with these capital-based winners for papas and pops.

Father’s Day ideas

1. Get a round in and eat your heart out

London boasts some of the most beautiful and spectacular pubs in, not just the country, but the world. London harbours some drinking establishments dating as far back as the 16th century. If your old man is a history buff, these watering holes are the places to take him this Father’s Day so that he can drink whilst soaking up the past. Or, if the way to your father’s heart is very much through his stomach don’t miss this opportunity to serve him a feast fit for a king. You’ll find a menu here that provides Father’s Day ideas to suit every dad.

2. Give dad some new jokes

Everyone loves a laugh and your dad, perhaps beneath his grouchy exterior, is no different. Many of the best stand-up comedians out there perform on the London comedy circuit regularly. These comedy nights are a sure-fire ticket to chuckle town for you and your dad. You’ll hear great gags from recognised and upcoming comedians alike, just be prepared for your dad to be claiming the jokes as his own in a few months’ time. If stand-up isn’t so much your father’s thing, how about one of the West End’s funniest shows instead?

3. For the adrenaline junkie

Not all dads have a favourite armchair. Or an ideal bedtime (circa 20:45). Some fathers are, quite frankly, cooler than that. Your dad might be too and has just been hiding it well. These Father’s Day ideas are a great way for you to find out. How does a speedboat ride on the Thames sound? Or a gentle stroll across the roof of the O2 Arena? If your father is a man without fear? Then he’ll certainly enjoy a dip with the sharks.

4. Because, of course, he could have been a professional

London truly is a city of sports. For a football mad dad, a ticket to a match being contested by any of the many London-based football clubs would surely be a treat. If football isn’t your dad’s game, but something else certainly is then you’d do well to find a sport that London doesn’t cater for the enthusiasts of. If your dad isn’t yet able to leave behind his playing days and would rather be in the thick of the action himself then there are plenty of Father’s Day ideas to suit him here.

5. A bit of culture

Londoners are so fortunate to have access to such an eclectic array of fascinating museums and spectacular galleries. These awe-inspiring attractions make for brilliantly engaging and informative Father’s Day ideas. London is chock full of theatres, exhibitions and landmarks. A simple wander around the must-sees such as St. Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey and Trafalgar Square can make for a fine Father’s Day outing.

Father’s Day ideas

Whatever Father’s Day ideas you choose to use, make sure that you make your dad feels as loved and appreciated as he is and deserves to be.

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